This is Scan&Go

Bringing CT Scanning at your fingertips


Project Overview

Scan&Go in the video above, is a globally released tablet application, that aims to aid the radiologist to do a complete CT Scan over a tablet interface, either docked on the gantry or carried with them.

I helped redesign the workflow of the application after this stage and move to the new design language while contributing to product requirements.


The tablet interface supports 4 workflows and 6 + product variants

Product Link can be found here

My Role

  • Take the baton from the previous designers and contribute to product requirements to the next stage of the product.

  • Reimagining the workflow presenting to stakeholders

  • Front End Development

  • Usability testing (team effort)

  • Design Documentation (Product Decisions, Rationales)

  • Feedbacks to Design Systems

Team Setup

  • 1 Designer

  • 1 Front-end Developer

  • 1 to 4 Clinical Experts

  • 6 to 10 Back-end Developers

Project Duration

  • The product is an ongoing project with annual release cycles. 

  • I've worked on this product since 2019, and for three iterations.




CT Scanning has been done on a desktop which is  positioned outside the scan room within the control area. The introduction of a tablet workflow helps to increase the time that the nurse can spend with the patient at the scanner. 

This not just helps in confirming the scan attributes, but also helps in increasing the sense of trust between the patient and the nurse. Patient's comfort is of utmost priority especially when they are to go in for a diagnostic test. 

The adjoining video demonstrates the scanning workflow on the tablet.


The objectives for us is redefining the scanning workflow. Which of the workflows are suitable for a complete tablet use, and which are aimed at complete desktop and the hybrid ones in between. This gives a sense of the features that need to be a part of the tablet workflow. To accommodate them on the smaller device form factor.

Bringing homogeneity between the tablet and the desktop console with near seamless context transfer. This is to be aided by usability testing.


My job of redesigning as well as FE development thus also involved documentation of the requirements and planning them with the development team.


Design as an independent team was a fairly new establishment within the company. Thus each improvement marked redefining 'What is Design?'


Getting design ideas integrated into a working product was a challenge, especially since the product has a large installed base and long update cycles. 

Along with partial adherence to Agile methodologies and thereby planning and development aspects, more challenges revolved around migration from the older design language.


The following are the users for Scan&Go. Since it is an application focused at lab technicians, the user base can be segmented into,

The primary user for Scan&Go is the Nurse, and the Lab Technician. 

The secondary user of Scan&Go is the Radiologist and the Admin.



Prepare Patient

Lab Technician


Prepare Scan



Diagnosing images