Mechanical Engineer | User Experience Designer

I'm Aditya Aserkar




This section shoulders the responsibility of the very creation of this website.


UX design work is under the title On-Screen Interfaces, while IoT products have their separate header.


All other projects, such as product design, installation design, are documented here.

The map to the right represents places I have worked within the India and where I have explored. 


UX Design

Though I keep ranting about how physical interactions far supersede digital ones, I have been religiously making usable and delightful interfaces documented below. Read my thoughts on UX and Design on Medium.

*Projects in this section are password protected in case they are not released products.

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Work at Philips

Work at [24]



* My current liking tends towards thinking a lot about big data and the web of connected things. While I ponder over how eventually everything connects, I have developed a few products in the IoT domain and hence keeping them at the top of my portfolio.



Over the years I have worked on several types of projects, right from product design, installation design, film making and so on. They span across various domains and steer my path to this day. Since I have a deep attachment to them, they are documented here.

A few interface design projects feature there too.