more projects at Siemens Healthineers

UX/UI & System Design



Somatom On.Site


Bangalore, 2018

Expanding the reach of care through Tele-ICU

UX and UI design



IntelliSpace Consultive Critical Care

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more projects at Philips

Exploration & UX design



Emotion Sensing


Bangalore, 2016

Empower your agents

to help your customers 

Product vision, UX and UI design, UX Research with Team Effort



[24] Assist Chat


Manage Workforce to Improve Efficiency

Product vision, UX and UI design



Workforce  Optimization Suite


more projects at [24]

System & UX/UI design







[24] Ideon

Pramati Technologies

Hyderabad, 2015

Correct your posture

with this Smart Chair

IoT, Physical Computing, Product, UX and UI design



Spine Chair

related personal project

Product, UX and UI design



Personal Projects

Ahmedabad, 2014

Camera for the

Visually Impaired

Product Design, Physical Computing, Research




Music accompaniment 

through gestures

Product Design, Physical Computing, Exploration



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Over the years I have worked on several types of projects, right from product design, installation design, film making and so on. They span across various domains and steer my path to this day.


Since I have a deep attachment to them, they are documented here.

Although released in the market, some projects here have been locked.

Feel free to email me so that I can send the access code to you.



A Mechanical Engineer turned UX Designer

with over 5 years end-to-end design experience,

presently based in Europe.

I'm Aditya Aserkar

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Who Am I?

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Who Am I?

How will I contribute to the team?

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Who Am I?

How will I contribute to the product?

Bringing CT scanning

at your fingertips

Project planning, UX and UI design and FE development



Clinical care & decision support, made accessible

UX and UI design



Intellispace Critical Care & Anesthesia 

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SIEMENS Healthineers

Erlangen, 2020