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* While creating this section, I was in a dilemma as to how to encapsulate everything and everyone in just this space. Right from those TED talks, those DIY videos; to those philosophy readings, those books; to those Mumbai rainfalls, bus conductors, rickshaw drivers, money constraints, health issues so on. Hence listing down the formal education in their order of appearance. 

Maharashtra State Board
Class X
This is usually considered as the first milestone in one's education path only to later question whether it really was. I did score 86% though.

Maharashtra State Board

XII Science


Twelvth exams are in fact important because of the mandatory engineering that is to follow! I took up Biology for my interest in all things living; and French, because well, you know!

University of Mumbai

B.E Production


Engineering, oh man! This was an amazing time. Superb college and the thirst to know how everything is made and how they work.

National Insititute of Design (NID)

M.Des. New Media Design


NID (*clears throat)

So many facets of life, so many new diverse people, so many perspectives, so much freedom to work on our likings, it was impeccable. I may even consider pursuing NID NMD again!


* Again, there are countless number of things one has to do other than what they are hired for and only the one's that have documentation can be put up here. Ergo, shouldn't this section should be called as 'Formal Work Experience'?

Arranging in order of freshness.

Philips Healthcare
2018 - 2019
Sr. Interaction Designer
Philips Healthcare is one of the top leading companies making healthcare devices such as CT, MRI, Sonography machines, to name a few. It also develops softwares that go with these machines. Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore is responsible for most of the software production for Philips. 
I am involved with designing interfaces aimed at care-givers to chart patient data, both at bedside and from remote location. Apart from these two products, I also look at ICU management and remote patient monitoring applications of Philips.
Healthcare is a very dear subject to me and that made me want to work in an organisation that affects healthcare systems the most.
[24]7 Innovation Labs
2016 - 2018
Sr. Interaction Designer
[24]7 boasts a robust strength of sales and service agents both on chat and voice for overseas clients. I am involved in designing the user experience for these agents on their chat consoles. Proposing features and advancements to aid for a faster better resolution of service or a sale is a part of my daily schedule. Being primarily an inhouse product, the designs thus made are implemented and the result is seen first hand.
I'm also the product designer for their workforce management tools. They are dashboards forecasting chats and agents as well as scheduling and managing them in real time. 
My hate towards the state of customer service led me to join [24]7 !
Studio 92
2016 - Present
Product Designer
Studio 92 is a small hobby start up that I started in 2016. It is focussed on designing home decor items, that includes furniture and lightings.
At present I design and fabricate the products in-house with my tiny workshop facility. I also delve into making IoT solutions for smart homes. 
To reach a sustainable model, I hope to someday expand it to interface design too.
It is primarily a word of mouth startup, You can check out on Instagram here.

Pramati Technologies



IoT Consultant (Graduation Project)
Imaginea Design Labs, under Pramati Technologies wanted to start up an Internet of Things (IoT) lab. They selected me as a part of the team to initiate this lab and to take forward. I had to investigate in the ever widening realms of IoT and come up with a tangible product. It was here that I made the IoT pilot project for Pramati. The project resulted in vast research across domains, and a resultant of a connected smart chair that detects posture and also helps in resource management for an organisation by relaying real-time occupancy information over the cloud.​



Product Designer
My wish for working with startups started, and Biotz was amongst the first. Biotz makes industrial grade 3D printers. I was involved with most of the facets involved in its making, right from the design of the product, form, to design of its user interface and experience. Publicising the product also led to designing kiosks and installations for the demo of the product. 



Inplant Trainee

I was working as an Inplant trainee with Siemens, India in their Induction Motors Division and was a part of their Logistics Section. I was introduced to SAP here, and was working on Inventory Management and Control as well. I worked on an Air Leakage project in the motors department.

Siemens Healthineers
Erlangen, Germany
2019 - Present
UX Designer
Siemens Healthineers is one of the top leading companies making healthcare devices such as CT, MRI, Sonography machines, to name a few. It also develops softwares that go with these machines. Siemens in Erlangen is the headquartes for Healthineers and to make my designs, thoughts and ideologies resonate better, I strived to move here. At Siemens, I am involved with designing for CT scanning machines, their protocols and scanning experience for the radiologist.
Healthcare is a very dear subject to me and that made me want to work in an organisation that affects healthcare systems the most.
I work at Siemens Healthineers through a contractual agreement with Scherer Ingineure, Nuremberg. 


* Skills is something very weird to pen down, I believe everyone always picks up what the need of the hour is. This just goes to say that everyday I try to expand my umbrella of skills.

Digital prototyping







Keyshot Rendering


After Effects

Audio Video Production



Metal Working

Lathe, Mill, Saw, Grind, Cutter

Laser Cutting

Vacuum Forming

PoP, Cement



Raspberry Pi


Circuit design






eTextiles and fabrics










Understanding of HTML, CSS

And yes, Sarcasm.

I am Agile for Enterprise SAFe 4 Certified. 


* I talk to random people, strangers and I see this trend declining and I'm really upset about that. I love interacting with everyone but listing out the people who have (mostly) liked their interactions with me.

Neha Saraswat

Director | Design

[24]7 Customer



Ripul Kumar

Head of UX | Tally

Ex-founder | Kern UX


Dr. Jignesh Khakhar

B. Arch | PhD

Course Co-ordinator,

New Media Design

National Institue of Design, India.


Anand Sukumaran

Ethnographic Researcher| Organisational consultant at KleinDR.


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