Let There Be Light...

*Actualphotograph clicked by Bloom

I want to see this!" he said, as he tried to dodge the others around to make his way to the front of the queue, in a purely Indian style. There were 37-odd teenagers waiting eagerly in an expected haphazard manner to get their hands on this 'new gadget'. Afterall, this camera was different. Not like they had used cameras before. 

They wanted to see how it functions, and how it would benefit them in any way. They wanted to see how it felt, what sounds it made, how did it shake.

They wanted to see all of that, of course,

they were blind.


"We are all just temporarily abled"


Product Glimpse:

3D Prints

The pictures captured by Bloom can then be converted into 3D prints or embossed prints as shown here:

The video demonstration is done by John Olson and company. It is nice that people are developing technologies keeping the visually impaired people in their minds.

Concept Product Design:

Iteration 1 Render:

Iteration 2 Render:

Design Process:

Competitor Analysis:

Target User:






I wrote a retrospective essay on the project. If you wish to read,

'The Ability Paradox'

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