I Dwell..



Iconic even with the sound of it.


So busy.



With the hustle bustle.


Yet so serene.


So calm.


The impeccable view from my college window.


The peninsular building.


Flanked by marvelous blue sea fading away merging with the blue sky.


The precious and gigantic monolith of a suspension bridge.


Yet the vastness around it.


The perpetual sound of the waves crashing.


With the wind that dares you to stand straight.


The joy of the kids running for the bus.


The love of the couples behind the rocks.


The flamboyant people giving off their jaguars to the chauffers.


The hawkers and Gupta sandwich and bhel vendors.


The sunbathing beauties.


The rockstars at the amphitheater.


All rushing back.


To the years that had been.


Simply wonderful.