Experimental Animation

Moment of Realization


The path to success is filled with obstacles. We know they are bound to be there. We overcame them in the past and will again. Yet, when these roadblocks raise their ugly heads, we are undermined of our capabilities and give in to the fear of these obstacles. We enlarge these problems and deem them greater than what they actually are. We start underestimating ourselves and thus letting these problems engulf us. We let them grow. They combine to become superior. We need to comprehend that these will grow only how much we let them. We need to have the realization that we are superior than them. This realization happens in an instant. Just when we let ourselves believe in us. The later it occurs, the greater the realization is. The film is about that. Titled 'Moment of Realization'. Music by 'Steve Reich - Desert'.

A Bus Journey


The video is about a bus journey. wherein a person is physically on a bus, but the feeling of travelling transcends into his subconscious mind, taking a backseat. The video along with the track portray a dull sunny afternoon bus ride.

On the Stage


A life is a stage, they say. You have to perform. This very short excerpt is about the instant at which the feeling sinks in, that you are up on the stage. The time is now.

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