InSync - Gestural Music Interface
The center of InSync
The first and the final prototype
The first retrofit modules
The Tap!
The Chord Collector
The Rhythm Maker
The Snare
The Beats
The Brand
The Handsome Setup

InSync is an interface that uses gestures to actuate various music instruments. The current prototype is centered around a Guitar as a primary instrument. The project is a part of the Interface and Interaction Design module by Aditya Aserkar at the National Institute of Design, India.

An InSync paper was published and submitted to 'The Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction' (TEI'15) International Conference to be held at Stanford University. 

The Chair, Elizabeth and Younghui sent a review for the entry, 

'This piece is highly engaging and would make a great live performance at the conference. It's very accessible: everyone is familiar with the "one man band" concept, and from the video, it seems to work well as a live accompaniment. Having multiple interfaces adds to the level of interest. The video is nicely done and explains the concept well.'


Concept Product Design:

Design Process Panels:

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