Out of Focus

The trips.


The friendliest strangers.


The strangest friends.


The intermingling of lives.


The exchange of ideas.


The debates.


The tiffs.


The fights.


The new faces.


Their probable stories.


The wait.


The long wait.


The helpful conductor.


The rude drivers.


The arrogant conductor.


The kind drivers.


The philosophical window.


The nostalgia.


The zero visibility rain.


The broken AC.


The corporates with their macs.


The first timers with their apprehension.


The college goers with their exaggeration.


The lovers getting seats apart.


The barbaric smokers.


The extra maritals.


The section 377s.


The gifts.


The Monginis cakes.


The lost roll packs.


The forgotten bags.


The sitting on the wheels.


The standing for hours.


The bump at the Dharavi depot.


The old Vashi bridge.


The soaring prices.


The overtaking blue bus.


The first red bus.


The 105.


The trips.


The travel.


The journey.