Product Context:
Coasters give you precise levels of your inventory in real-time. All of it at the palm of your hand. 
Inventory can be set to be reordered after reaching a certain level.
Make Internet of Things work for you!
The device is accessed by a mobile app. The app helps in assigning a device to a specific product, assign its least and maximum quantity, and also set a reorder level for auto ordering. The device has details about your consumption and can suggest reorder levels based on the patterns it observes. This tremendously helps in inventory management in retail outlets. Having the data real-time, adds to its value. 
Have a look at the app screens to get a greater insight into what Coaster is all about.

Overview your products and their present statuses.


Add a new device

Add product

Assign the device to a product

add product

View the detail usage of a product

App Prototype
Hardware Prototype
The Coaster is powered by an Arduino based micro-controller for the prototype and a Raspberry Pi for subsequent prototypes. The housing encompasses the controller, a battery, NFC reader, WiFi shield and a display. It is connected to the internet and relays the information that it has over the internet for consumption through a secured channel. The sensing part is the black fabric that can be seen here. The Coaster can be formed into any shape that the shelves at home or at retail outlets are made of. The Coaster itself has a display that displays an overview of its status, with what it contains. It is powered by battery and is wireless, connects to phones via NFC tags.