Spine Chair

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Project Overview

Spine Chair deals with personal well-being with regards to posture and resource management for organizations.


To investigate in the ever widening realms of IoT and come up with a tangible product.


Thus was born the IoT pilot project for Pramati. Through vast research across domains, resulted in a connected smart chair that detects posture and also helps in resource management for an organization by relaying real-time occupancy information over the cloud. 


'Spine Chair', aimed at well-being of every individual with regards to their posture and management of the resources within an organization. 


The Spine Chair mobile application is linked to the device through the internet. It gauges how much you sit, and in what posture you sit. It ranks your posture and calculates your sitting trends. 

In the adjoining screenshots, the app encourages you to sit better by stating how good or how bad you have been sitting.

The adjoining screenshots display the real time posture training screen. Here the app would suggest the user the various ways in which she should sit in order to reduce pressure on the back.


The Spine Chair also boasts a dashboard for your organisation, wherein you can visualise in real-time who is located where, and for how much time they've been sitting. This is primarily aimed at organisations such as BPO's which have dynamic seating, coupled with time based renumeration.