Interactive Tensegrity Light Sculpture

This is an exploratory project and deals with making an interactive light sculpture with a long slender pipe as its members. These pipe members are arranged in such a fashion that none of them touch each other, they act as compression members. They are tied by strings which are under constant tension.


This tensegrity sculpture is fascinating to look at and interact with and would be a permanent installation at the National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar.

During the progress of the project, explorations led to various possibilities with the light unit members that were made. Some of them are,

Co-Space is a co working space proposed specifically for collaborative study in the college campus. The lighting in this proposed space have these interactive pipe units arranegd in the pattern as represented.

Zorball is inspired from zorbing and is an interactive ball that people can play with. The ball can be pushed and rolled over the campus premise. It is highly inviting and intuitive!


'Kopcha', colloquially means a corner, generally put to use in some or the other fashion. At NID, kopcha is a small food stall open till late night, where students gather, eat and chat. A typography lighting proposition came to mind to light up this unlit space. The framing made of wood with calm diffused white light.

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