Brief: Design the in-vehicle experience for an URBAN SUV for INDIA for the year 2020.






"I'm above all of you!"


'A car is a projection of yourself onto the world.'


                To make a persona, that is, to point a specific user, we look at the feel that the vehicle would impart onto the person. This will bring about the type of people who would want to own a particular vehicle. The brief that is given is that­­ of an Urban SUV. To design the in-vehicle experience for the year 2025 keeping Indian context in mind. An SUV gives a robust and powerful feeling to the owner and to the user. Thus, the feeling that is put forth lies in the foremost line, a feeling of dignity, a feeling of pride, of being superior and higher in the power hierarchy. Our persona should and would show all these attributes.

                Thus the persona rounded up to, is a 25~30 year old male. He would be a son of a high personality in the power hierarchy, such as someone who enjoys a high status. He would like to show dominance and enjoy the attention of others. We imagine him to be a graduate, currently not willing to join the inherited business or activity. He likes to travel with his car with a his ever increasing friends and wants as much technology compressed into the car as possible, to assist him in his voyages. He likes to carry his bike, maybe even a skiing board. It would have facility to tow too, or to simply run under shallow waters. Basically car packed with as much virility promoting agents.

                Our man here would want a loud speaker and woofer system probably a bon fire, way in the woods on a trekking expedition. Or he would want to plug his guitar directly into the car sound system to impress the crowd. He would consider the car to be an extension of himself, and so wants it  to be able to do it all. He has varied emotional levels and wants the car to adjust to him and not come in his way. He prioritizes comfort and wants the interiors to be virile as well as comfortable. He mentions that he doesn’t want a nagging women telling him directions even if she is a virtual voiceover.

                All in all, he is a guy who wants to enjoy his time as he wants and he expects that from his car. He wants it to take him places and also be a head turner. Deep inside, he wants to put his show of power out there and have enjoys sitting upright high above the ground. He wants an urban SUV which doesn’t have issues with him taking it off the road. He wants his SUV, he wants his JCB.  


mood lighting render

Sketch courtesy Harshal Patil

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