How will I contribute to the team?

Conduct workshops and talks

  • Design Sprints

    • I am a strong proponent of Design Sprints and have been a part of them in the capacity of a designer participant, as well as supporting its facilitation and moderation.​ I could illustrate the importance of all teams working in tandem and being brought to the same page to expedite the direction. (Projects Forecasting and Intraday at [24]7.ai were initiated through Design Sprints.)

  • Usability tests

    • I have been a part of usability ​evaluations, be it ranging from user feedback over a cup of chai, to elaborate sessions at client location as in one of the pictures above. 

  • SAFe/Agile

    • I have been working in an Agile and a SAFe environment since the past 4 years, and have been a certified practitioner. The badge is in one of the photos above, I also try to help merge design in the agile framework and help people realize the importance of it. 

  • Woodworking

    • There are times when there are a lot of philisophical connatations of each action that we do. To take a breather from that, and to rekindle my love with physical products, I started making furniture, home decor and lighting products. It later turned to be a small hobby startup. I can guide fellow designers with fabricating products with materials and machines. Link to my work in the woodworking picture above, and also here

  • Arduino/RasPi - Physical computing

    • This is​ closely related to my Master's course and I have tried to keep visiting it frequently. I have also helped setting up maker spaces and a tinkering mindset in the places I have been to. If you are looking for someone to set up a basic electronics lab perhaps with micro-controllers, soldering PCBs or perhaps even laser cutters and lathe machines, I can help! Some projects such as a Camera for Blind, or Spine Chair, or a gestural music instrument are linked. 

  • Installations

    • A little tangential to the above, I have keen interest, appreciation and also desire to build art interactive installations using microcontrollers, projectors, light, sensors and so on. A few of my work examples are here and here.

  • Music!

    • Drawing parallels from the above, as art is how we decorate space, and music is how we decorate time. Music. I play several music instruments as a hobby​ and would love to be part of this culture perhaps at the workplace. Outside of work hours, of course! Links are all over Instagram and some on YouTube. This also leads to my love to make short films. Again, on YouTube and Vimeo.

Converse about

For me, the importance of conversations is paramount. The gradual decrease of it that I observe around is concerning. But apart from random conversations about etymologies or the weather,

  • Design critique sessions and discussions

    • Critique is perhaps the singlemost prominent tool that we have to better ourselves, and I have initiated critique sessions ​in my past workplaces.

  • Design writings

    • I try to write as much as I can. One article per week has been my goal. Link to Medium in the footer. I encourage everyone to write!​

  • Documentation believer

    • I have come to an understanding that designer do not like the act of documentation. However, it is one of the most important and crucial process that needs to be followed. It lays the foundation for the product, the company's vision, and decreases dramatically the time spent by new designers so that they get a good start. I however need to learn where to stop writing and documenting!

  • Languages

    • As mentioned, I love reading about etymologies and how things came to be, where language plays a crucial role. I understand quite a few languages and am in the process of learning newer ones.

  • Design, philosophy, and the real world

    • Usually extrapolate UX design concepts to the real world, perhaps linking it to urban design, or the like. Motivations of people to do something.

  • Systems thinking

    • I think one of my strong points is systemic thinking. And I try to promote that with questions and thoughts in every project.

  • Design evangelism

    • With all of the above, I have automatically become someone who promotes thoughts on design. Try to gather thoughts, things and events, and view them with the lens of design, and of course, talk about it.

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