How will I contribute to the product?


​​Tangible contributions


  • Design Documentation

    • Right from making clickthrough prototypes, to demo videos, to powerpoint presentation to word files. Anything that it takes to convey design ideas to development, with the least amount of information loss. And also create design rationale documents for future scalability and questions. [24]7.ai Chat and Forecast is an example of it.

  • Design systems

    • At all the places that I have worked, I have contributed to varying extent in creating design standardisations and system. ​This has ranged from component creation to deeper information architecture and design philosophy and working in tandem with brand ideology. [24]7.ai Standardisation is one such which is documented. 

  • Languages

    • I have a working understanding of html, css, and understand their constraints and help developers with ways to overcome them by bringing up tested and developed UX patterns. Also have a some understanding of Java and Python by working on Arduino projects, that might come of help. I am also well-versed with Sketch, Adobe XD, and the likes.​

  • Systems thinking

    • I think one of my strong points is systemic thinking. And I try to promote that with questions and thoughts in every project. I would almost never propose to solve a symptom, but rather try to cure the root cause whenever a problem arises. A vision for the product almost automatically starts getting created in my mind as I get to know more about the product offerrings. I would present the vision to the product team, alongwith deconstructing the steps to reach that vision.

Intangible contributions

  • Design Sensitivity

    • I am a strong proponent of Design leading the way and I try to sensitize the product team about design and its several ever extending arms. I look at products to be scalable and systemic, and sensitize the team about the importance through hierarchies and architecture in design. Personally I want to learn more about the business aspects of design in years to come.

  • SAFe/Agile

    • I have been working in an Agile and a SAFe environment since the past 4 years, and have been a certified practitioner. The badge is in one of the photos above, I also try to help merge design in the agile framework. Familiarity with the process would expedite the integration within the team working. 

  • Design evangelism

    • With all of the above, again, I have automatically become someone who promotes thoughts on design. Try to gather thoughts, things and events, and view them with the lens of design, and of course, talk about it.