other  projects,



These are on screen interfaces which were primarily self initiated projects.


* My all time love towards all things products. The best thing about designing a product is the learning through doing, the involvement throughout the product development cycle. Right from product need and conception, to iterating, to fabrication, to interaction and its installation. Of late, I have ventured into designing lights and furniture, both will be updated shortly.


Installation Design

* Installations are very interesting to interact with and so much more to make. One can never anticipate enough how it would be treated by the public and that makes it a real challenge to build. Every interaction, materials, joins, code, etc. needs to be on spot.


* This section comprises of everything futuristic. Probable interactions, remote possibilities and all that jazz.



* One of my aspirations is to make films. In my free time you would see me watching film making videos, follow many legendary directors, decoding screenplays and finding meanings in camera angles. A few of my early tries are listed. A film will come soon.



* There are times when I cannot sleep unless I get a thought out of my system by penning it down. Listed are a few of many such.

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* Ethnography was one life altering course, mandatory mention of Anand Sukumaran here. Research conducted over the period of a few months, and a few too many sleepless nights.